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Oita Day 2 of 14

Wednesday, I woke up with the 6 AM town alarm and got ready for my second day off. I ate something simple for breakfast and left around 8 AM. When I went outside, it was so cloudy, but by late afternoon the town was beautiful!

I walked further into town and found more souvenir shops. Late afternoon I finally found a kakigori shop, after looking in Kyoto, and got 100% strawberry shaved ice. They topped it with mint and condensed milk, but I think it can be done at home with some out-of-the-box thinking and a freezer.

I continued on with my walk and found some interesting cars to post on Dad's website, Dig My Car.

I got home and had something from the cafe fridge for dinner. This time I made sure to take a photo. Even reheated, this karaage fried chicken was so delicious. I'm determined to get the recipe!

I finished eating and set off to find the nearby lake before my bath! Here are some videos from my walk.

Navigation through a neighborhood.

Look at the giant bamboo forest!

Beautiful Kinrin Lake at sunset.

Today was a little bit more leisurely. I enjoyed some walks around town and got to know the neighborhood. Good night, Yufuin!


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