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Fresh start in Nagoya!

I've just arrived in Nagoya and I'm staying with my friend Yuna! Since it's my first time in Nagoya, there's a lot for me to explore!

Yuna and I met at UBC through a language exchange program almost 2 years ago. We've kept in touch and finally it's my turn to join her at Nagoya University for a year-long study abroad.

(I recently learned it's illegal to use photos without permission, so I'll block faces until I receive permission!)

After a lovely few days with Yuna and her family, I moved into my new home on campus! I'm now living in a dorm with around 200 Japanese students and 60 exchange students! I am super excited for the year ahead. This past week, I've been attending hours of orientation and received too many documents and forms to keep track of. I'm glad there are lots of other students I can ask for help.

Welcome party for exchange students! Busy day for all of us after orientation!

I've since submitted most of those documents and I am ready for classes, part-time work, school clubs, and life in Japan. Now, I just have to decide what courses to take, what kind of job I want to do, which club to join, and the list goes on... I can't wait to share more with you all!

For now, I'll sign off on this update! I'll continue to update posts from this summer too!


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